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25 Years of Mcleans

Pat and John Mclean took over the Pentre club in the 1990s. Over the years they worked with some fantastic local talent and even international stars. Working with companies such as Panic Promotions, Watfor Entertainment and Goodfor Audio Entertainment, Pat and John have been stalwarts of the local live music scene …

M2TM North Wales 2022

Metal 2 The Masses North Wales returns for 2022. After Severenth won a very different 2021 final, in 2022 the competition returns to its normal format with Heats, Semi Finals And a Grand Final. To be hosted at Central Live Music Venue. The winner of the competition will be playing Bloodstock Open air Music Festival in August …

Every Thursday 


Central Live Music Venue Wrexham has teamed up with Goodfor Audio Entertainment to bring you a showcase of local live music talent every Thursday night. The nights will feature two local artists and an opportunity for new artists with an open mic section. Central hope the platform will provide local young musicians an opportunity to progress


Pentre fest 2022



North East Wales Metal Productions announce 80% of Pentre Fest line up. The festival will return to Mcleans Pub on February 25th and 26th 2022. The festival will this time have live bands on the indoor and outdoor stage for the first time replacing the usual acoustic only outdoor setup with full bands on the Saturday evening.